Our RapidWizards, is an optional feature that provides for the initial customization of RapidStart CRM, to more closely fit your unique business, at a low fixed cost. With RapidWizards you can easily add fields to Companies, Contacts, etc., for capturing additional data that is important to you. In addition, you can easily add “Steps” to the “Stages” of the Process Flows, to mirror you unique business processes. RapidWizards is a single-use tool offered for your initial configuration needs.


  • Cost is Per Company/One Time
  • Self-Service Wizards Access
  • Companies Form Wizard
  • Contacts Form Wizard
  • Cases Form Wizard
  • Project Form Wizard
  • Project Task Form Wizard
  • Prospect Process Wizard
  • Cases Process Wizard
  • Projects Process Wizard
  • Project Tasks Process Wizard
  • Security Setup Wizard
  • Wizard Customizations Implemented

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  • Cost is Per Company/One Time
  • All Features from Unassisted
  • We Review your Wizards
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Up to four 30-Minute Guidance Calls

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