RapidLabs is our Customization and Development Service offering. We designed RapidStart CRM to fit the needs of many businesses right out of the box. In addition, our RapidStart Wizards allow you to easily make some basic changes to RapidStart CRM. However, we also know that some customers have unique needs that are beyond the scope of RapidStart CRM, as delivered, even with our Wizards. Or, many customers, once familiar with RapidStart CRM, discover new requirements that they would like to accomplish.

One option is to upgrade to the full Microsoft First-Party applications for Enterprise Sales, Enterprise Service, Project Service Automation or Field Service, but these “Enterprise” applications have a significantly higher monthly cost, and still may not fit your unique use case. For these situations, RapidLabs is an excellent option to extend the capabilities of RapidStart CRM.

10 Hours @ $200/hr

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20 Hours @ $175/hr

$3,500.00Add to cart

40 Hours @ $150/hr

$6,000.00Add to cart

80 Hours @ $125/hr

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