RapidInstall Service

Some of our RapidStartCRM Apps can be installed by you directly from Microsoft’s AppSource, and the others will be coming there soon. Some customers do not have the required underlying Dynamics 365 or PowerApps licenses, or they have the licenses, but have not provisioned an instance, or they just want the setup done for them. We want to make getting RapidStartCRM as easy as possible, so we offer our RapidInstall service.

Our RapidInstall service includes the following tasks as required depending on your situation for a low flat cost of only $250 USD:

  • Provision Microsoft Licenses to your tenant, if included
  • Provision an instance, if required
  • Install your RapidStartCRM application.
  • Assign User licenses and Security roles from your provided list.
  • Activate the Outlook App if desired.
  • Provide you with your team’s access information.

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