RapidStartCRM Proof of Concept


RapidStartCRM Proof of Concept Service

While we can both agree that our RapidStartCRM solutions are awesome, it could be valuable to reinforce our shared opinions with other users in your organization, and a more “real-world” scenario. You can certainly take a free Test Drive of our Applications on Microsoft’s AppSource here, but the Test Drive experience has some time limitations, for example you cannot create any records, and the demo data probably does not fit your business. For this, we introduced our RapidStartCRM “Proof of Concept” service. A low cost way to get a clear understanding of what your organization could accomplish with RapidStartCRM, and really “drive” it with your own information.

We know that selecting a business application is a commitment for both you, and your users, to learn and use an application successfully. A goal of our POC service, is that you are able to move forward confidently, knowing that this commitment will not be wasted.

Our Proof of Concept Service includes up to 10 hours of our assistance and guidance, for a low fixed cost of $2000, and will include:

  • Our Creation of a trial CDS environment, and installation of any of our RapidStartCRM applications.
  • We will add your POC users and assign roles.
  • We will perform some light customizations, intended to demonstrate platform flexibility.
  • We will import a minimal subset of your own data for user familiarity.
  • We will set up the Mobile App experience.
  • We will collect user feedback with you, and develop a “Next Steps” action plan.

Our Proof of Concept provides your team up to 30 days, to really take RapidStartCRM for an extended spin!