How does it work?

To move forward with any of our RapidstartCRM Applications, these are the steps that will take place:

  1. You will place your order on this secure website and provide payment information.
  2. When your order is processed, you will receive a link from us to add Forceworks as a Microsoft Partner (This does not impact any other partner relationships you may have).
  3. Once you add us as a Microsoft Partner, you will show up on our Microsoft Partner back-end system.
  4. Our team will provision the Microsoft licenses to your cloud account. You will see them along with any other licenses you may already have.
  5. We will also create a temporary user account on your cloud account, “”, which will be used to create your environment and install the RapidStart App. This account will have Dynamics 365 Admin role, and a license temporarily assigned to it.
  6. After the Environment is provisioned, and we have installed and tested the application, we will remove the license and the temporary user we created.
  7. We will send you the direct link to your new RapidStart Application.
  8. You can add your other users and assign them a security role for access. Instructions for this are in the RapidStart Documentation available in the Application.


All RapidStartCRM Solutions are fully customizable. You can either customize them yourself, if you are comfortable doing so, or you can engage with our RapidLabs services for assistance.

Change Quantities or Cancel

If you would like to increase or decrease the number of users, or cancel your subscription, you would return here, and go to the Subscriptions link on your My Account page.

Change Payment Method

If your credit card has expired, or if you would like to change the credit card being used for RapidStart CRM, you would return here, and go to the Payment Methods link on your My Account page.


We offer free forum-based support from within the application. For dedicated support and training, you can engage with our RapidAdvance services.